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by Robocobra Quartet

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'98 - '01 01:55
discharge patch to the denim black charcoal-coded dull tag five six eight dulls the blade you left but you should have stayed fiery minds seemed to glare alike light bulb above smouldered bright thoughts cradled in vitro grail sputtered out when tungsten failed
Wicker Bar 02:37
i thought about the wicker bar heavy rain i pine for used to set my birthday as my PIN red string, cork board, tacks: it's the place i'm in i thought about the school's rules of which i had no clue: to cross my legs when i sat down and move across the hallway when september comes around it came around: "can i please come around?" and i thought about that painting primary colours splashed over corrugated card it looked quite hard and i thought about my bust mitral valve it pumps forty-two million times, year round and i suppose i broke my heart in a literal sense back row kings, benched and i wondered if i still had the chance to spout my defiance to the skies dukakis tanked; lost track and tread i was broke but i'm on the mend the shape i'll leave when i'm gone will not stand without me that empty shell will collapse on itself
'80 - '88 04:38
those door slams at night can happen as often as they like but they'll never sound alright two rooms away, flinching under duvet you tested my strength with curtain rail held across the breadth of my chest lion plays tamer, leisure plays terror, armed with furniture lightyears from here your voice will ring fear the same booming i hear for long i've set furlongs of distance between what i say i what i mean mother took the flak: queen's coronary crack. always a matter of time until things aren't fine testing the towing lines bridal breaks, basket takes weight, shackle aches.
please send a communique my way cheetah always cheats and leads her astray i'm an ashtray for your wordplay and these loose ends turn me loose onto a freeway dodging people, frogger leaper i know asking too much to be your keeper lost light bar paces up and down that same street tank running on EMT, panzer's buttoned up guarantee scrolling over your demise with a "wish you were here" sprawled across my mind i watched through flickering blinds


BOMBER features four songs tied together musically and lyrically, based around a fictional character involved in a failed assassination attempt. Inspired by the stories of figures such as John Hinckley Jr. & Samuel Byck, the EP references a number of real-world events, related literature and social phenomena.

"I was listening to a lot of Mountain Goats (front cover is a direct rip off of All Hail West Texas) and decided to group a collection of songs together by a theme/narrative. I found that when you obliquely say that a set of songs are written from a different perspective and not auto-biographical you can actually put more of yourself into it. Weird! This was a real experiment recording-wise - we played together in a circle with a stereo blumlein mic array in the middle. Robocobra in 2014 was really a guinea-pig for me trying new recording ideas; some were successful and some... were not. You can REALLY hear the sound of the snare drum buzzing with the bass on this one. Oops. Some cool songs on this though. First recording with Paul O Reilly on tenor sax - unlike the rest of us he is an actual jazz musician and can PLAY. Also the first appearance of the 'Robocobra Twink Choir' aka Patrick Gardiner and Sean Joseph - they also sing on later records (on the songs You'll Shrug from MFAO and I Shouldn't Have Watched The Film What Lies Beneath When I Was Twelve from PHTG)." - Chris, April 2020


released April 21, 2015

Tom Tabori - Soprano Sax
Paul O Reilly - Tenor Sax
Nathan Rodgers - Bass
Chris Ryan - Drums/Vocals

Patrick Gardiner - Vocals on #2
Sean Joseph - Vocals on #2

Recorded live by Chris Ryan at Start Together Studios, Belfast
Vocal ensemble on #2 recorded by Patrick Gardiner at Falmouth University




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