Threnody for Vengaboyz / Snake Charmin'

by Robocobra Quartet

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Recorded live by Chris Ryan at the McMordie Hall, Belfast on Nov 3 2013


released December 22, 2013

Tom Tabori - Soprano Sax
Jamie MacKenzie - Tenor Sax
Nathan Rodgers - Bass
Chris Ryan - Drums/Vocals

#1 Lyrics by Chris Ryan. Music by Robocobra Quartet.

#2 Lyrics by Chris Hannah; arranged by Chris Ryan using Max/MSP; 'acoustic samples' of Propagandhi's "Refusing to be a Man", "Less Talk More Rock" and Daniel Schnyder's trombone quartet "Rossini's Visit to Beethoven".



Track Name: Threnody for Vengaboyz
we're only living in momentary misery (or bliss)
episodic polaroidisms; consider this:
no ever afters ("happily" or not, for that matter)
it's always a downhill/uphill free ride or battle.

i've heard them say that only this is guaranteed:
you'll play your taxes and you'll die when you cease to breathe
well, i've got nothing to give when the taxman cometh so I can't speculate on the latter at the moment, but my odds at eternal life seem pretty good by looks of it

imagine my chagrin at prospect of "making it"
that epitaph makes me laugh - i've got a problem with it
think of every fall from grace - no one ever stays in one place
there's no end-game just a constant saving of face

so why are so inclined to try and define
an end result of all our time spent working at it?
surely the moments we're living in the present hold more value than some static purgatoric limit?
i'm living in them.
Track Name: Snake Charmin' (The Snakes, The Baskets)
[lyric credits to propagandhi]

i aped this song because it's fucking boring
to keep spelling out the words that you keep ignoring.

and your macho shit won't phase me now.
it just makes us laugh, we got your cash, court-jester take a bow.

because did you know that when I was nine, I tried to fuck a friend of mine?
he was 8, then I turned 10. 14 years later it happened again (with another friend).
this time it was me on the receiving end.

and there’s a difference between sexism and sexuality.
i had different desires prior to my role-remodelling.
and at six years of age you don’t challenge their claims
you become the same. (or withdraw from the game (what a shame) - that's exactly what I did).

i fought against their further attempts to convince a kid that birthright can bestow the power to yield the subordination of women and do you know what patricentricity means?
i found out just a couple of days ago: it means male values uber alles and hey! whaddaya know…

sex has been distorted and vilified. i’m scared of my attraction to body types.
if everything desired is objectified then maybe eroticism needs to be redefined.
and I refuse to be a “man”.

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